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Serious Clickers or Tire Kickers: How to Maximize Your Budget with Google Ad Words and Google Video Pre-Roll Ads

As you probably know, you are charged on your Google ads when there is a click-through on your Adwords ad because of a triggered key word, or a complete view of your ad with Google Video Pre-Roll.

The people that click  your Google ad  and/or view the entire ad fall into one of two categories.
Serious Clickers or Tire Kickers.
Your goal is to maximize the purchase of your product through click-throughs and views. There is some extra effort but you will find the results rewarding if you follow these steps.
  1. Identify what days and times consumers are most likely to purchase your product.
    For example-Health Clubs would be Mondays and Tuesday. Movie and entertainment would be Thursdays and Fridays. This information is readily available from major vendors in your area.Identify PC or mobile user most likely to buy your product and aim for that group.
  2. Other filters such as Gender-Age-Zip Code and in the market for your product are 
    also available.
  3. Advertise other ways to reach you other than with clickthroughs
    Examples: Next 50 callers get a special hot tag item number; Next 50 shoppers get a special gift
  4. Inquire about Co-op from your vendors.  Perhaps you can have a link on their site 
    or they have one your site.
  5. Be creative with key words.  Do your homework to select words and phrases that 
    may be affordable yet effective.