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Schollnick Advertising, LLC excels in media buying and marketing strategy.

Schollnick Advertising has produced over 2000 commercials for television. We are a full service agency based in the Greater New Orleans area with over 25 years of experience in Print, Television and Radio Commercial Production and Media Placement.


Discount Media Buying


For many businesses, from small companies to large corporations, purchasing advertising is a major piece of their marketing plan and their marketing budget. But media buying is an extremely detailed process requiring patience, communication skills, an analytic mind and an ability to crunch numbers. It also requires a knowledge of the industry and how to maximize advertising spending. 

Media buying firms, such as Schollnick Advertising, are experts in this field and in addition to having the skills to make the best use of your advertising dollars, they also often know where to find or how to negotiate bargains or even get spots for free based on combination or volume buys. 

For example, let’s say you want to advertise in a mid-sized city. The straight market price of an ad in a newspaper for that market is around $15,000 for one full page ad - likely still outside the budget of most small to medium sized companies. Plus, as any advertising professional will tell you, buying just one ad, to run one time is a waste of money; industry wisdom says you need to run ad add at least three consecutive times to get a noticeable return on your investment. This means a minimum investment of $45,000 to run a print ad in a mid-sized urban market. And you haven’t even paid to create the ad yet!

However, professional media buyers like Schollnick Advertising are often able to negotiate lower priced ad buys for their clients through a variety of means. One method they might employ is known as co-op advertising, which is when several companies in complementary industries share ad space. For example, say you are a home builder; you could share ad space with landscapers, tile companies, painters, and cabinet makers. An experienced firm like Schollnick Advertising will either already represent those other companies, or will be able to quickly and efficiently negotiate deals with those companies to create a strategic co-op advertising strategy in which everyone is able to maximize their media exposure at discount pricing. Aside from reducing your advertising costs, it can also be smart marketing strategy, especially if you are a smaller company, like the cabinet maker in the above example. Chances are you would never be able to afford a major media purchase on your own, but by sharing the cost with larger companies, now you can.


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