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Google Video Pre-Roll Certified

As you very well know, Video Pre-Roll Ads on the Internet come on before you can watch the video that you would like to see.

They often allow you the option to skip the ad after :05 seconds.
These ads can range in length from :15 seconds to 4 minutes.
As an advertiser, you are only charged when your ad is viewed
for :15 seconds if it is a :15 second ad, and for :30 seconds when it is a :30 second ad.

What Schollnick Advertising has done with great results is to repeat a :05 second ad 6 times in a row.  The viewer now has to watch the entire :30 barrage of :05 second ads before the advertiser is charged anything.

When the viewer clicks off before :30 seconds, the advertiser gets the benefit of a partial view at no cost.  Our adminsistrative charge to oversee this is 50.00 per 100,000 partial views, or .0005 cents each.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people that will watch these :30 second ads consisting of 6 :05 second ads in their entirety.

However, we are finding out that certain demographics will
skip the ad more at certain times of the day.  And we are able
to adjust the placement to improve the full views to partial views ratio.
Schollnick Advertising is offering introductory pricing for this Google Video Pre-Roll service.


First Month  550.00
Additional months 300.00 less credit from previous month's bank.

250.00 Bank
2,450 views of your :30 second ad in its entirety at .10 each
100,000 partial views of less than :30 seconds at .0005 cents each
Unused credits will be carried over and credited to the next month's bank.  Option to increase bank if results warrant.
Production of your ad not included.

200.00 One time set up fee.
Launch the program-Establish parameters for maximum
visibility.   Selections made from over 100 areas of interest,
age, gender, income, education and geographic areas.

100.00 Monthly analysis with reports
Weekly reports on views and partial impressions.
Tweaking placement criteria to improve visiblility.


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