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Schollnick Advertising has produced over 2000 commercials for television. We are a full service agency based in the Greater New Orleans area with over 25 years of experience in Print, Television and Radio Commercial Production and Media Placement.


Brand Reasoning

Lost in the clutter of advertising today, is one simple fact about advertising. One has to give the consumer a good reason to buy a product. A commercial might be cute and funny, but unless there is a clearly stated benefit for the consumer, advertising will not be at full functional.

The consumer must be given a reason to buy a brand. They must be engaged in the process of brand reasoning. An ad basically should say, “think along with us here for a little bit. All advertising should be based on an if then premise. “If you want whiter teeth, brush your teeth with Pepsodent.”

Schollnick Advertising LLC incorporates this concept of Brand Reasoning in all our advertising campaigns for clients. Before we buy media, we make sure the ad gives the consumer a solid reason to purchase the brand.

Selling the product should be the primary concern. Not cute and clever ads.